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NYC Fashion Rep
Why pay high salaries for disappointing productivity, hire a rep and save the overhead.

NYC Fashion Rep was formed by industry professionals who have close relationships with buyers in various areas. We are working for our buyers to provide them with outstanding quality, costing and shipping. At the same time NYC Fashion Rep matches them up with the best suppliers in the industry. We can also take over existing accounts.

Suppliers benefit by not providing typical employee overhead such as office space or salary. Instead our reps make a slightly higher commission rate, sign on bonus and/or quarterly bonus to bring buyers and orders to their various suppliers.

NYC Fashion Rep holds a high regard for design sensitivity with its suppliers and has a strict non-disclosure policy.

Buyer contacts include various 
specialty retailers & has experience in Mass Market Coordination with the top retailers in the industry. (specific info is available upon request)

For additional information on how NYC Fashion Rep.com can help your business grow please contact Tiffany Pedone at 
Tiffany@NYCFashionRep.com or at 646-573-7031.
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